I made a note once that the 아/어 있다 construction can be used with 가다 and 오다, but I can't easily find any example sentences. With 가다, would that be written '가 있다' or '가어 있다'? Would it mean that something "Is still away" (having gone)?

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가 있다 is definitely possible, it can be used to mean that someone has gone somewhere and is still there right now.

Same with 와 있다, it means that someone has arrived here and is here with the speaker right now.


엄마는 지금 미국 가 있는데. Mom is in America right now.

저리 가 있어라. Go over there and stay there.

여기 안 와 있는 사람이 누구지? Who's not here right now?

우리 집에 와 있지 그랬어. You should have come and stayed at my house.

Note that 가고 있다 and 오고 있다 is completely different.

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