Short question: I came across 남달라 when reading/trying to translate the lyrics of EXO's Tempo... I went to Papago translate and google translate but seems very difficult to get results from them... what does it mean? and thank you very much... :)


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남달라 = 남다르다 adjective : It is quite different (다르다) from other (남).

His interest to the art is quite deep 그의 미술에 대한 관심은 남달라.

He showed a outstanding talent in music 그는 음악에 남다른 재능을 보였다.

@ We can compare 남다르다 with "strange" or "weird". But in my thought, 남다르다 is used almost in positive feeling.

그 장군은 어렸을 때 참 기괴했어. 아니 남달랐다가 더 정확하겠네.

The general was weird in childhood. No, 남다르다 is more accurate.


남달라 : unusual, uncommon, unique

  • Can you expand upon this answer? How is the word being used specifically in this context?
    – Vladhagen
    Commented Nov 26, 2018 at 20:25

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