What is the difference between 관객 and 청중. Do both mean 'public'? How might we use both words in context?

  • 이 경우 두 단어의 한자의 의미를 알면 어떤 차이가 있는지 쉽게 알 수 있으며 문맥애 알맞게 쓸 수 있습니다.
    – GKK
    Sep 27, 2018 at 0:39

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관객 means "spectator" and 청중 means "audience". 관객 indicates people watching something visual, while 청중 means people listening to something auditory. But I think you don't have to distinguish them because visual contents and sounds are used simultaneously nowadays.

in 관객(觀客) means "see", and in 청중(聽衆) means "listen to".

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