I saw this sentence while surfing websites:

유의어를 짜내서라도 다른 단어를 쓸려고 합니다.

Is this sentence grammatically and orthographically correct?


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This is not correct.

In "다른 단어를 쓸려고 합니다", 쓸려고 is the combination of 쓸-((1) or (2))+ -려고, but it is unnatural to use "쓸다" when the object is "단어". Instead, you can write "쓰려고", which is the combination of 쓰- + -려고.

유의어를 짜내서라도 다른 단어를 쓰려고 합니다.

cf. "쓸려고" can be used as:

마당을 빗자루로 쓸려고 한다.

See also: here (Topic: Which is correct, "고치려고" or "고칠려고"?)

Answer: "고치려고" is correct.

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