Especially, we can see the word 및 in an office document or an advertisement. For instance, 10년 경력자 및 토잌 800이상 우대 (We like a person of 10 year's experience and toeic of 800 scores). Here 및 is always and ? And 및 can be used for the meaning or ?

Additional question : 10년 경력자 내지 토잌 800이상 우대. Here 내지 means and or or ?


"및" should mean "and" in this case. The phrase you included has an ambiguous noun: the implied meaning of "토잌 800이상" is "people who scored 800 or higher on TOEIC."

Hence, the meaning of "10년 경력자 및 토잌 800이상 우대" would be "preference to people with 10+ years of experience and to people who scored 800+ on TOEIC."

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