I'm watching this video where beginning consonants are explained. It seems to me that most of the sounds are a mixed version of the ones that we usually have in english. For example ㄱ has phonetic value [k/g] which seems to me is neither a [k] or a [g] but a mixed version, because I have the feeling I can hear both sounds. Am I right?

(Side question : what's the meaning of "phonetic value"?)

Thank you

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(1) ㄱ [k/g] does not mean that ㄱ sounds k or g. It means that ㄱ sounds like k or g. Therefore, you are right.

(2) Phonetic value of ㄱ means a sound. When we pronounce 가게 (shop), there is a sound for ㄱ so that it has a phonetic value.

Hence its phonetic value is almost same to k, g or their mixing.


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