What does 줬는데요 mean?

What's the root word for 줬는데요?

For example in this sentence from the vlive video

유니콘 인형도 있어요. 제가 이름도 붙여줬는데요.
I have a unicorn doll. I gave a name to it.

이름도 붙여줬는데요 here means "naming" / "name giving"

Another example from Strong Woman:

지난 밤 4번째 납치 사건이 발생하면서 또 한번 충격을 줬는데요
Last night a fourth kidnapping incident occurred which has caused us great shock once again.

Here 충격을 줬는데요 means "gave a shock"

And when I search on Naver dictionary, it shows which has the root word as 주다 "to give" http://endic.naver.com/search.nhn?sLn=en&searchOption=all&query=%EC%A4%AC%EB%8A%94%EB%8D%B0%EC%9A%94

Most probably, comes from but what does the rest of the suffixes mean in 줬는데요?

Why did the become and added the pachim ? Is that a common "mutation"?

  • 주 (주다) + 었 (past tense) + 는데요 -> 주었는데요 -> 줬는데요
    – user17915
    Feb 18, 2018 at 11:36

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Careful, the (주다) conjugated to () (not as as said in the question).

줬는데요 has several things going on, lets break it down:

  1. The verb is 주다 (meaning: to give). 주다 has been conjugated into the past tense, giving: 줬다. That is why is added.

  2. 는데요 is a versatile helper verb form with a few different meanings. In the Lee Hi's vlive case, it seems the use case is: providing some background (on her doll) TTMIK lesson on ~는데

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