Hello everyone I new here in the language korean I would like know if this way is correct say "Do you know me " in korean

I alway say this way "no na ara" 너, 나 알아?

someone that speak korean or a native can tell me if is correct say this way?

I hope that my question is good for you is only I new with this language.

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"너 나 알아?" is not wrong but very rude, unless you're a kid.

Instead you can say "저 아세요?"

  • 저 is a polite form of 나.

  • There's no reason for explicit "너" (or "당신") to denote "you": after all, the question only makes sense as "do you know me?". In fact, using even 당신 would make the sentence sound more rude. (Modern Korean doesn't really have a good polite form for singular "you".)

  • 아세요 is made of 알- "know (알다)" + -시- polite suffix for the subject + -어요 moderately polite sentence ending form (can be a question or a declarative sentence). So you're being polite to the listener and the subject of the sentence, and in this case they both happen to be "you".


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