I saw '지지직' in a movie subtitle, and inferred its meaning as something like a 'crackle'.

However, another example I found online was

지지직거리나요? Do you hear that?

And other examples suggest it could mean 'noise' in general, whilst a youtube hit of a sound effect I found seemed to be more a 'hiss' than a crackle.

What is the range of translations of '지지직'?


지지직거리다 means 액체가 졸아붙으면서 끓는 소리가 자꾸 나다. link in official Korean. but Koreans use it when electronic devices's sound or screen goes wrong.


"지지직" means white noise like this (It's too noisy, so you should turn down the volume).

You can use "지지직" for this kind of noise.

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