I was wondering if there is a website for learning Korean similar to the following sites made for learning Japanese:

They are both a reference for grammar and writing system.


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howtostudykorean.com is a must. Written by a Canadian who is married to a Korean woman and lives in Korea, teaching English to students.

Also talktomeinkorean.com is a must, especially for the amazing podcast lectures.


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KoreanClass101.com has a "grammar bank" (paywalled; check it out with a free 7-day trial):

The Grammar Bank is a one-stop collection of detailed write-ups covering over one hundred Korean grammar constructions. Learn the basic formation, read sample sentences, and study notes that cover the small details that really help you master the construction of the language.

Due to the paywall, I can't comment on the quality of the grammar bank, but I was pretty impressed with their lessons on Korean pronunciation (one audio series and one video series; both were the best I've found online.)

howtostudykorean.com is probably your best bet (as topo morto already commented)

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