I'm a French really really beginner Korean learner, but I'm trying to add more content to the French Korean wikibook.

At this point, I'm working on the interrogative words, but I find the question examples a little too difficult or sometimes ambiguous.

For example regarding time should you use 몇 or 얼마나 ? Which kind of phrases would use which one ?

is 얼마 used only with currency ?

Examples of some simple phrases would be helpful.


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몇 is 'What' and 얼마 is 'How (long, far, much,...)'.

지금 몇 시냐? -> What time is it now?

시간이 얼마나 걸리냐? -> How long does it take?

And 얼마 can use anything can measure.

여기서 얼마나 멀어? -> How far is it from here?

(이거) 얼마에요? -> How much is it?

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