Are there any resources for learning the pitch accents for words in Korean?

Additionally, how do you determine pitch accents for conjugated verbs and compound words?


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That Wikipedia article(now fixed) is mistaken. Seoul Korean lost its pitch accent system at least since the 17th Century. The article is citing nothing related to an evidence supporting an existence of a system-wide pitch accent in Seoul Korean.

Pitch accent is a feature of certain languages whose variations in pitch (linguistic tones) can be used to differentiate words

To call something a pitch accent, it needs to distinguish words based only on pitch variations, in other words, it needs a minimal pair. Seoul Korean has none.

Seoul Korean determines its intonation based on Intonation Phrases, not words. So it is not pitch accented.

To read more about intonation in Seoul Korean, refer to: Intonational Phonology of Seoul Korean Revisited.

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