A 아저씨,이 공책 세 권 주세요.
B --------------------------

a) 네,여기 있습니다.
b) 네,세 권 있습니다.

I am doing some exercises to understand more about grammars and vocabulary. For the dialogue above, the answer is the option a. However, I am wondering if the option b also works.

Could anyone share your opinion? Thanks.

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    a && b works a) more focused on what he deliver b) just mentioned quantity
    – tk0221
    Commented Apr 10, 2017 at 16:37

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여기 있습니다 is idiomatic, translates to "here you go".

세 권 있습니다 is "there are three", so it's a bit unnatural to say that in that situation.


Bad exercise.

If that is a "one or more answer" question, then I, a Korean only educated in Korea, might choose both after 5 minutes of consideration. If not, a) is the right answer for education purpose explaining different usage of "있습니다".

In real life, b) also could be the natural conversation.

네,세 권 (여기) 있습니다. 

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