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We commonly use English loanwords when it comes to sports.

  • advantage set / tiebreaker set : 어드밴티지 세트
  • game 게임, 경기
  • set 세트
  • match 매치, 경기, 시합
  • love (the term used for 0 or a no score situation) : 러브게임, 무득점 경기, 러브
    ex) 이번 게임은 러브로 끝났다.
  • 15/30/40 : 0(love), 15(fifteen), 30(thirty), 40(forty)
  • deuce : 듀스
  • advantage in / advantage out : 어드밴티지 인, 어드밴티지 아웃.

I believe most Korean use the tennis terms in English when playing tennis. I've been playing tennis with my Korean and American friends, but I have never used any terms in Korean.

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