Could you please explain the difference between these two words? Sometimes I see 의문, an this confuses me a bit, cause in most cases 질문/물음 are used.


질문이라는 말 더 자주 들었지만 가끔 인터뷰를 보면 의문라는 말을 들어요. 질문과 의문이라는 말의 차이점은 뭐예요?

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질문 It is an act of asking someone else.

의문 This means a question in my head.


남대문이 어떻게 만들어졌는지 제임스에게 질문을 했다. (Asking someone.)

남대문이 어떻게 만들어졌는지 의문을 갖게 되었다. (Question in my head.)

  • 의문 (疑問) means doubt or being doubtful, and 질문 (質問) means asking.

  • 의문 (疑問) is a thing you get, 질문 (質問) is a thing you do.

  • Both are nouns.

  • Verb (……을/를) 의문(疑問)하다 means to be doubtful (about ……), verb 질문(質問)하다 means to ask.

의문이 들면, 질문하라.

If you're in doubt, ask.

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