I just ran into the coolest sounding phrase, it just rolls right off the tongue.

축소시키는 경향이 있다

Google translate is saying it means a "tendency to shrink". My question is posted in hopes of drumming up some different contexts in which saying this would fit in well.

Can we say our has a 축소시키는 경향? Or perhaps, is your 지갑 now short of money and so your financial fortitude has a 축소시키는 경향?

I just realized I should probably offer up the example that brought the phrase to me.


우리는 비전을 자신의 무능/제한성으로 축소시키는 경향이 있다.

Our own lack of ability and inner limitations have a propensity to cause our vision to shrink.

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Google translate is saying it means a "tendency to shrink"

I think that could be misleading because 'shrink' in English is more commonly used in the intransitive sense, where there's no object in the sentence. However, 축소시키는 경향이 있다 means to cause something else to shrink - as in "the witch shrank me!".

Can we say our 옷 has a 축소시키는 경향?

Not really, because as said above, that's saying that your clothes make something (not necessarily themselves) shrink. "clothes have a tendency to shrink" could be 옷이 축소하는 경향이 있다, or as T Kim says, 옷이 줄어드는 경향 which would be more common.

I'm told that most uses of this phrase would be 'academic' in tone - e.g. a newsreader saying that an event will make the economy contract, as in T Kim's example.

If you wanted a funny example (not actually common Korean), perhaps you could say:

그녀가 내행복을 축소시키는 경향이 있다

"she has a tendency to reduce my happiness".


축소 means 모양이나 규모 따위가 줄어서작게 되다, which in Korean is to describe a shape or size being squeezed.

However, it may make sense if you say 옷이 축소시키는 경향 or 지갑이 축소시키는 경향, but it is not a common way to use it among Korean native speakers.

As a first example, it makes sense if you say 옷이 줄어드는 경향 which means clothes tend to shrink, because for we use 줄어들다 instead of 축소
You may say 소비를 축소시키는 경향이 있다 for second example. 소비 means spend consume.


decrease, diminish, lessen, shrink, dwindle


reduction, cut, reduce, cut, slash, squeeze, downsize, downscale, scale down

It's the same meaning, but we use differently.

ref) http://krdic.naver.com/detail.nhn?docid=37975901

  • So if you wanted a full sentence, you could say something like 이 사건은 소비를 축소시키는 경향이 있다? Jan 8, 2017 at 11:21

In addition to other answers, 축소하다/시키다 is a more "serious" verb than "shrink". You would use it on stuff like: budgets, construction plans, silicon chips, etc.

Examples from the web:

MBC의 한 PD는 “윗선의 지시로 어쩔 수 없이 정우식을 캐스팅했는데, 정우식이 연기를 못해서 대사도 줄이고 배역 자체를 축소시킨 일도 있었다”고 밝혔다.

최근 국내외 악재에 발목 잡힌 코스닥 지수가 반등 요소를 찾지 못하고 있는 점도 투자매력도를 떨어뜨리며 신용거래융자 규모를 축소시킨 것으로 분석된다.

이로 인해 실제로 새로운 고속도로 건설이 다수 폐기되거나 규모가 축소되었다.

For everyday use of "shrink" (e.g., clothes), you would normally use 줄어들다/줄이다, which can be used pretty much everywhere.

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