Warning: the English language I would like to know of a Korean equivalent for is rude, and contained in the examples below.

Friend A: We need to start walking now, or we're going to be late. Where's John?
Friend B: Aaah, fuck him. He can meet us there.

From this example, we can understand that B wishes to disregard John's feelings/needs, and is suggesting to A that they leave without him. We might understand friend B to be a little angry with John for being late.

Another common phrase in English is:

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke

which means that if someone should be ignored if they don't have a sense of humour.

What construction(s) could be used to express these examples in Korean?


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I could translate the first example as:

Friend A: 우리 지금 출발 안하면 늦을 것 같아. John은 어디있어?

Friend B: 에이.. 좃까. 거기서 보겠지 뭐.

But, If I were Friend B, I'd just say: 에이.. 버려(abandon). 거기서 보겠지 뭐.

The first word has a sexual origin just like "fuck him". But for some reason, I feel the Korean counterpart is more offensive and I only use that among few very old friends.

'disregard' in Korean, "무시" is a simple enough word that any replacement will not have much merit over it.

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