I know the word '바라다', meaning to 'hope'.

바라건대 is translated as 'hopefully', but how is it derived from '바라다'?

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  • 말하는 사람이 자신의 생각이나 의견을 말하겠다고 미리 알릴 때 사용한다 seems this prefix shows that the following phrase is the speaker's personal opinion, may be that's why it's translated into hopefully. May be finding out how 듣건대, 보건대 get translated will give some more insight?
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    Oct 12, 2016 at 10:28

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You already know the word '바라다'

In Korean, '~건대' emphasizes the following sentence or showㄴsthe purpose of speaker.

So, the word '바라다'+'~건대' = '바라건대' means that the speaker hopes to do something and he's about to say what it is.

There is thread of connection between '바라건대' and 'hopefully'.

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