A question that occurred to me while asking this one...

동사 (action verbs), 형용사 (adjectives or descriptive verbs), and 이다 (the 'copula') all broadly accept 'verb endings', e.g.

가다 : 갑니다

예쁘다 : 예쁩니다

이다: 입니다

Is there a word (Korean or English) to collectively describe 'words that you can add verb endings on to'? Maybe I mean something like 'conjugatable'.

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Usually the word "용언" is used to mean words that can be followed by verb / adjective endings (which are called 어미 in Korean); the opposite is "체언", for words that cannot be followed by 어미.

용언 include verbs (동사), adjectives (형용사) and the copula (sometimes called 지정사; this includes both the clitic -이다 and the word 아니다).

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