What's the adjective for feeling intense cold/pain? (while at the dentist)

I hear this all the time when I get a dental cleaning, but I haven't been able to find the word in a dictionary.

It roughly sounds like 시릴 수 있어요. ("This might hurt/feel cold.")

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The word you are looking for is 시리다, meaning chilly or achingly/painfully cold. Rather than cold pain where cold complements and characterizes the pain, this one is the other way round: it is more directly about the cold that is characterized by pain. 시릴 수 있어요 would, as you might expect, mean It might get painfully cold. The word is usually used to describe sensations of parts of the body, often in contact with something cold, e.g. teeth. Since you can't find it in a dictionary, here's an entry on Naver Dictionary.

  • I was so close; I wonder why I couldn't find it before... I think it's because Google translate totally fails on 시리다
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  • @Leftium Wiktionary doesn't seem to have an entry either.
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