From the famous story of the race between Hare and Tortoise we learn many things one of which is the moral.

Slow and steady wins the race

Are there any equivalent proverbs/sayings to deal with situations like this in Korean language?


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There is one korean proverb that has the similar meaning:

잰 놈 뜬 놈만 못하다.

'재다' is an adjective which means 'quick' or 'fast' and '뜨다' as an adjective (not broadly used in Korean) means 'slow'. It literally translates to:

A quick guy is worse than a slow guy.

[네이버 국어사전]


I just come up with one traditional fairy tale "토끼와 거북이"(The hare and the turtle) which exactly describes the proverb you mentioned.

So Korean use that phrase like this : "Like the story of 토끼와 거북이, he finally wins the first prize in the competition."

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