Do both 일 and 하루 mean today and 날 means the next day or does it depend on context?

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Stolen from a HINative Answer

as a word is a quantifier so we use it to say what day of the month it is.

하루 is 24 hours/a day.

is a noun that you'd use to describe a day or say what kind of a day is it. 생일날, 추운 날 etc.


너가 쉬는일에 보자 (x)

너가 쉬는날에 보자 (o)


그럼 20날에 볼래?(x)

그럼 20일에 볼래?(o)


그럼 그 일에 봐(x)

그럼 그 날에 봐(o)

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