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Top new questions this week:

what the difference "백화점" and "편의점" from market in english?

안녕 하세요!! I have the problem about this. I often hear these two words. I'm still confused to distinguish the two. Like: 백화점 갈래? (Do you want to go to market?) or 편의점 갈래? what the difference ...

word-usage place-names usage  
asked by 다가 부디만 2 votes
answered by gaeguri 1 vote

Meaning of '몇' in this example

Below is an extract from some blog I was reading today: '십몇 년 살면서' I'm curious about the usage of 몇 here. Does this literally mean 'whilst living for over ten years'? In which case can 몇 be used ...

asked by KrJpnLinguistNoob 1 vote
answered by Klmo 2 votes

Is "열심히 일할 것을 약속 드리겠습니다" correct?

I have a sentence as follow: 연세 여행사에서 저에게 기회를 주시면 열심히 일할 것을 약속 드리겠습니다. I think "열심히 일할 것을 약속 드리겠습니다" is not correct, because as i know, following 을/를 must be a verb, not a noun like 약속, so the ...

grammar meaning  
asked by Thai Trinh 1 vote

Hey... how would you say “Be true, be you” in korean

Sooo a friend of mine wants a tattoo and wants to tattoo something in korean... I would translate it myself but I don’t really trust myself and my knowledge in Korean... Still a starter

asked by Niks 1 vote
answered by Jingeon An 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What is the original form of 거예요?

I saw the following sentence: 이 장남감은 누구 거예요? I know the meaning, which is Whose is this toy?. However, I don't know what is the original verb of 거예요. It seems that there is no verb registered ...

asked by Blaszard 4 votes
answered by gaeguri 4 votes

Honorifics Question 가지고 있으세요? or 계세요?

In the case of using the full "have" form of (__를) 가지고 있다, which is the correct honorific form? 가지고 있으세요 or 가지고 계세요? I remember reading that in cases (__이/가) 있다 for "have" you are supposed to use ...

grammar honorific  
asked by B. Alvn 3 votes
answered by jungyh0218 2 votes

Are there any hand gestures local to Korea that are considered rude?

As far as I know, is understood in Korea as a rude gesture much as it is in the rest of the world. However, some regions have more locally-understood ...

non-verbal-communication offensive  
asked by topo Reinstate Monica 3 votes
answered by SweetSweet 2 votes

When would I use -면서 vs -며?

Both of them seem to give off a sense of "X while doing Y". I'm not sure when to use which. Is one used for speaking only? Or, are they both the same overall?

asked by Lance Clark 5 votes
answered by 제이 죤스톤 1 vote

Why is 꽃잎 pronounced as 꼰잎?

I have heard a few times 꽃잎 being pronounced as 꼰잎. For instances that I can actually remember, Eunji of Apink sang it this way in Hopefully Sky, and Taeyeon of Girls' Generation did the same in Why. ...

asked by busukxuan 8 votes
answered by MujjinGun 2 votes

What's the meaning of the ㅍ* logo for the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics?

PyeongChang 2018 has a distinctive logo with a ㅍ character and a star. I guess the ㅍ is for PyeongChang (평창), but what is the star? I wondered if it could be a stylised 'ㅊ', but it seems like there ...

asked by topo Reinstate Monica 4 votes
answered by Gaster 3 votes

Why is 'ㅂ' in '박물관' pronounced as /p/ instead of /b/?

I heard the consonant 'ㅂ' in '박물관 (museum)' pronounced /p/ instead of /b/. In some words containing 'ㅂ', I sometimes hear it pronounced /p/ instead of /b/. When does that happen?

asked by mahdi 3 votes
answered by gaeguri 10 votes
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