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Top new questions this week:

Were 치두음 and 정치음 ever written iotated?

Sejong the Great created 치두음 (ᄼ, ᄽ, ᅎ, ᅏ, ᅔ) and 정치음 (ᄾ, ᄿ, ᅐ, ᅑ, ᅕ) to distinguish sibilants. 치두음 were alveolar, and 정치음 were alveolo-palatal. These letters were not used in Korean orthography ...

hangul history-of-korean orthography  
user avatar asked by Dannyu NDos Score of 1
user avatar answered by Michaelyus Score of 2

Is there the korean version of 'As' for when cause or reasonings

I was browsing ths Google to see if theres this exact word for nuance and meaning 'As' for reasons or effects rather than comparisons, but I found none, example: 'As the sun slowly sets, Shin-Hye is ...

grammar translation adverbs  
user avatar asked by Aaron Neville Score of 1
user avatar answered by Tony Score of 0

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Parts of the foot

I'm looking for the parts of the foot in Korean. I know a few of them: Foot 발 Toe 발가락 Big Toe 엄지 발가락 Ankle 발목 added from solutions Heel 발꿈치 Ball 발볼 Bridge 발등 Sole 발바닥 Updated Parts of Foot

vocabulary translation  
user avatar asked by 제이 죤스톤 Score of 3
user avatar answered by user17915 Score of 3

기로 하다 VS. (으)려 하다

Are these two ending forms pretty much interchangable? Someone suggested that it is a matter of degree, with 기로 하다 being a strong intention (or promise) while (으)려 하다 being more a bit weaker, maybe ...

verb-endings sentence-endings intention  
user avatar asked by B. Alvn Score of 6
user avatar answered by 제이 죤스톤 Score of 2

What is the significance of the Korean voting stamp?

When voting at an election, Koreans mark their ballots with a specially shaped stamp. Does this stamp have any significance related to the Korean language? The stamp is shaped like a "peace" symbol ...

user avatar asked by Leftium Score of 3
user avatar answered by Нет войне Score of 5

What is the difference between ~다면서 and ~다며

Lately I have been listening to the song 좋아 that 민서 sings. The first part of the song goes: 이제 괜찮니 너무 힘들었다며 너의 그 마무리가 고작 이별뿐일 거라 우린 괜찮다면서 I was wondering if someone could explain to me the usage ...

grammar difference verb-endings  
user avatar asked by Hani Honey Score of 3
user avatar answered by Lemon Score of 5

What does "지" mean in the following sentence?

The sentence is: 인터넷으로 사지 뭐하러 여기에 와? I would paraphrase this as: 인터넷으로 사면 여기 올 필요 없으니까 왜 오려고 해? Is this right? i think the 지 has some sort of connecting function, like 고 or 서.. but i couldn't find ...

grammar meaning  
user avatar asked by moniisek Score of 4
user avatar answered by HK Lee Score of 0

How are 선배 and 후배 classified in Korean (age, position or both)?

could anyone especially Korean native speakers have a look at this excerpt and tell me whether it is correct or not? As the book said 선배 and 후배 are classified based on two criteria, age and position. ...

meaning spoken-korean korean-culture  
user avatar asked by emnha Score of 6
user avatar answered by gaeguri Score of 4

What wishes are said during the Korean New Year holiday/설날?

What greetings or wishes are typically or traditionally said on during the Korean New Year holiday, 설날 (Jan. 28, 2017)?

user avatar asked by Amacelia Score of 8
user avatar answered by Leftium Score of 6
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